Welcome to COM Holsters!

Center of Mass Holsters is a family owned business.  We are competitive shooters and are strong supporters of the U.S. Constitution, and the 2nd Amendment.  As shooters, we have a solid understanding of what is needed not only in the competitive world for speed, but also in the realms of retention and durability. 

Our background in manufacturing allows us to bring obvious and logical production techniques to this industry that apparently have been overlooked by most or all of our competition.   These techniques allow us to manufacture equipment with an attention to detail and fit not previously seen before.

Beyond competition and duty holsters, our desire to WEAR exceptionally comfortable daily carry holsters drives us to develop those.   We think that you'll like the improvements you see in what we provide to you.


Our Guarantee

We don't want to confuse this issue with a bunch of non-sense legalese. Our “Great 8” guarantees are simple.

  1. We guarantee that you will be satisfied. 
  2. We guarantee that you will feel the product we deliver to you is an excellent value. 
  3. We guarantee that the product we deliver to you will DO exactly what we say it will do. 
  4. We guarantee that the product we deliver to you will do what you want and need it to do. 
  5. We guarantee our workmanship forever. If the adjustments our designs provide do not allow you to adjust the holster or mag pouch exactly the way you want it adjusted, we will make factory adjustments (or start over) until it does. 
  6. We guarantee our materials forever. If anything ever breaks (and in the exceptionally rare circumstance it does) send it to us and we will repair it to "as new" condition, or simply send you a completely new unit.
  7. We guarantee that you will get good service. Our intent is to ship every order in 14 days or less.* If you have a special event and you need it tomorrow, please call. If we get that order before noon, you can have it tomorrow.
  8. If we cannot rectify a problem to your satisfaction, no matter what it is, we will give you a full (100%) refund. Including shipping.


Shipping and RUSH orders

We typically ship using the USPS flat rate boxes.
We do have a modest RUSH fee. Overnight or 2nd Day shipping charges will be added if you ask us to use those services.

*If you need 200 holsters for your department or agency, we'd respectfully request a couple more days to get them built.


COM History

Center of Mass Holsters was founded in the '90s in eastern Idaho by disabled Veteran Rick Palmer. Rick's family sold the business to us after he passed away unexpectedly in June of 2014. In addition to being a competitive shooter for years, Rick was a huge supporter of all shooting sports, and a member of his local volunteer fire department.

Rick had a reputation for providing a first class product, and he will be missed by all his customers. If you have one of his holsters, hang on to it - it might become a collector's item! It is our intent to produce equipment that Rick would be proud to put his name on, with an expected life measured in decades, and a delivery schedule that can be measured in days.